Kendo Basics Series: Okuri Ashi Practice with Shinai

Shiho-ashi-sabaki with ShinaiThis kendo instructional video introduces a way to practice okuri-ashi called shiho-ashi-sabaki with the shinai.

Shiho-ashi-sabaki is a combination of 4 okuri ashi to 4 different directions, front, back, right and left.

Once this is done with the shinai, you have to distribute your attention to the footwork and shinai so trust me it gets harder.

The points you have to pay attention to:

  • Keep the kensaki still while moving
  • Relax your upper body
  • Keep the balance: especially upper body.
  • Maintain the good stance (many change the width between their feet)
  • Do it slowly until you get the hang of it.

The footwork is more important than learning how to cut in kendo.

Footwork: Okuri Ashi Practice with Shinai


Kendo Basics Series: Okuri Ashi Practice
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