Learn Kendo with the Tradition

Are you looking resources to learn kendo?
Are you here to deepen the understandings of kendo?


Based on the concept of kendo defined by International Kendo Federation and what I have learned through the teachers mentioned below, Kendo For Life (KFL) will share kendo instructions, kendo teachings and kendo philosophy with you.

Kendo is strongly related to Japanese history and culture, so understanding Japanese culture and history will help you to understand kendo.


Kendo has wisdom of samurai whose lives were always right next to death. That is why we can learn what life is and how we should face to our lives through kendo.

  • Kendo educates us.
  • Kendo gives us a light when we get lost in the dark.

That is the KENDO that Kendo For Life preserves for and shares with you and the next generation.

Instructions Kendo For Life Shares

Kendo for Life shares teachings from the late Juichi TSURUMARU sensei (9-dan Hanshi), the late Keisuke MURAYAMA sensei (8-dan Hanshi) and Masayoshi MIYAZAKI sensei (7-dan Kyoshi).

Tsurumaru sensei and Murayama sensei were graduates from Budo Senmon Gakko (Martial Arts Specialized School).

Miyazaki sensei was a head master of Ritsumeikan University. So the kendo that I, Masahiro IMAFUJI (6-dan), share here are from their teachings. Click here to know more about me and those senseis.

On top of their teachings, I add some useful and unique perspectives for non-Japanese practitioners based on my experiences of teachings outside Japan for more than 20 years.