The Winner Design of Fundraising T-Shirt

Thank you very very much for your cooperation and participating in voting!

The winner is….

The Fundraising Tee Design 2

The Fundraising Tee Design 2


45.3% of the voters like this design.

If you wonder what the calligraphy means on the front of the T-shirt you can read this article, Shu Ha, Ri.

And the calligraphy is written by Miyazaki sensei whom I am trying to get to US to learn from.,

The second most popular design is this.

Fundraising Tee Design 3

Fundraising Tee Design 3

38.9% of the voters like this!

The five Japanese characters on the front are five virtues of samurai quoted from “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. And the center character is martial for “martial way”.

And I learned these Five Virtues from Miyazaki sensei.

So those designs are related to Miyazaki sensei.

I like that both designs like many of you did. And also I want to have this t-shirt too! So I will try to make this one as well!

Please stay tuned because I will let you know when things are ready!

Thank you again for your cooperation and I will keep you informed!


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