Time To Get Your Men Nari

Please read the instructions below carefully.

Purchasing Only One Type?:

After choosing which type (L or S), please click “Add to Cart” button. A new window page will appear and you can change a quantity of the product on the next page.

Purchasing Two Types?:

If you want a mix of the type L and S, you can simply add another type by clicking “Add to Cart” button after choosing the other type on this page.

Don’t Forget Mailing Address:

Please do type your mailing address. Double Check Your Mailing Address, please!

Your shipping fee is included in the price. Mind you, Men Nari is ONLY shipped within USA.

Deadline and Refunding

Deadline: Please make your purchase by November 11(Fri).
Refunding: If we don’t meet the quantity of 20 Men Nari this time, we cannot order any. So you will get the full refund. No Refund once I place this order to Yoshida sensei.

Sign Up for Customer eZine

To contact you about your Men Nari after your purchase, I need your email address. You should be added automatically after your purchase but there are always some system glitches. If that is the case, please sign up manually. I apologize for that in advance.

Thank you!


Please Choose A Type and Click "Add to Cart"