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“50 Incredibly Simple Training for Beginners”

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  • Simple, easy to follow Step by Step to-the-point instructions

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  • Avoid the Embarrassment of repeating the WRONG movements

You Get The Following Amazing Videos…………


Basics-1Kendo Basics I (36 min. 47 sec.)

– Content –

1. Introduction: Line-Up

2. Sitting in Seiza

3. Sitting in Seiza: Closer Look

4. Sitting in Seiza with Bokuto

5. Seiza & Mokuso

6. Sitting Bow

7. Beginning of Training at a Glance

8. Finishing Up Training

9. Finishing Up at a Glance

10. How to Stand & Shizentai

11. Standing Bow

12. Taito: Wearing Your Sword

13. Nuke-To: Drawing Out Your Sword

14. Sonkyo

Kendo Basics II (24 min. 31 sec.) Basics-2

– Content –

1. Learning Chudan

2. Basic Feet Position

3. Footwork: Ashi-Sabaki

4. Key Footwork: Suri-Ashi & Okuri-Ashi

5. Tsugi-Ashi

6. Hiraki-Ashi

7. Hiraki-Ashi: Closer Look

8. Okuri-Ashi Practice

9. Okuri-Ashi: Closer Look

10. Ashi-Sabaki with Shinai

Basics-3Kendo Basics III (41 min. 36 sec.)

– Content –

1. Intro: Tandoku Dosa

2. Joge-buri

3. Zenshin Kotai Joge-buri

4. Pay Attention to Grip

5. Sayu Joge-buri

6. Sayu Joge-buri: Closer Look

7. Zenshin Kotai Naname Joge-buri

8. Shomen Uchi

9. Zenshin Kotai Shomen Uchi In Action

10. Shomen Uchi Important Points

11. Sayu-men Uchi

12. Zenshin Kotai Sayu-men Uchi In Action

13. Improve Coordination – Kyodo Men –

14. San-Kyodo Shomen Uchi

15. Ni-Kyodo & Ikkyodo Shomen Uchi

16. Explaining Kote & Do Strike

17. Kote Strike

18. Kote Strike Important Points

19. Do Strike

20. Do Strike Important Points

21. Niho-Zenshin Niho-Kotai Shomen Uchi

22. Kote & Men Strike

23. Kote & Men Strike In Action

24. Kote & Do Strike

25. Haya Suburi

26. Haya Suburi: Closer Look


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Hiro Imafuji

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Kendo Basics I: Getting Ready for Training
Kendo Basics II: Solo Training 1

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