Kendo Basics Series: Tsugi Ashi

Tsugi AshiThis kendo instructional video introduces footwork called tsugi-ashi.

You might learn this at an early stage of your kendo session but remember that is for your knowledge. You do not need this footwork for a long time. Why?

Tsugi-ashi is useful when there is a bit of a distance between you and your opponent.

The points you have to pay attention to:

  • Know that this is an advance technique. You don’t need this for a long time.
  • Learn okuri-ashi thoroughly first
  • Move your left foot so your opponent won’t notice it
  • The left foot does not pass the right foot
  • Do not use this when you are close to your oppoennt

The footwork is more important than learning how to cut in kendo.

Advanced Footwork: Tsugi Ashi


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