Kendo Basics Series: The Foundation of the Basic Footwork: Suri ashi and Okuri ashi

016-yoiutube-suri-ashi-okuriashiThis kendo instructional video  introduces 2 types of basic kendo footwork or ashisabaki, that is suriashi and okuriashi.

As mentioned in the previous video on the basic footwork, suri-ashi must be performed well by all the kendo practitioners. Then you must study okuri-ashi thoroughly.

Do not underestimate this. If you cannot do this, you cannot enjoy kendo!

The points you have to pay attention to:

  • Get the hang of suri-ashi
  • Be patient. If you cannot do this well, you cannot do kendo!
  • Learn okuri-ashi. Do it slowly first and gradually make it faster
  • Gradually speed up so you won’t drag your feet
  • Practice, practice, practice!

The footwork is more important than learning how to cut in kendo.

The Foundation of the Basic Footwork


Kendo Basics Series: Introduction of Kendo Footwork, Ashisabaki
Kendo Basics Series: Tsugi Ashi

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