Kendo Basics Series: Tandoku Dosa: Ni Dan Waza 1

Niho Zenshin Niho Kotai Shomen UchiThis instructional video introduces Ni Dan WazaNiho Zenshin Niho Kotai Shomen Uchi.

Ni Dan Waza means a technique with two continuous strikes. And Niho Zenshin Niho Kotai means two steps forward and two steps backward.

I quite like this before introducing my students kote and men strikes because big movements are good for us to check our movements and it is easier to spot if you do something wrong.

While you are learning all the basics of kendo, you must focus on coordinating the movements and this is another stage to integrate your movements.

Some points you must pay attention:

  • All the movements must be big 
  • The left foot should stay behind the right foot after the first men strike
  • When you go backward, make sure that the toes are not going to come up.

Now watch the video to learn it in detail!

Kendo Basics Series: Tandoku Dosa: Niho Zenshin Niho Kotai Shomen Uchi

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