Kendo Basics Series: Tandoku Dosa: Haya Suburi

Kendo Haya SuburiThis video will introduce a suburi (empty cut) called haya suburi. I used to call it “choyaku shomen uchi“. So there are some people out there still calling this suburi “choyaku shomen uchi”. These are the same thing. Just different ways to call the same thing.

Haya means “rapid” or “fast”.

Suburi means “empty cut”.

Just for your reference,

Choyaku means “jumping”.

Shomen Uchi means “men strike”.

Probably people stop using choyaku shomen uchi, because it gives an impression of “jumping (with both feet) strikes”.

You should take time to learn this because it is easy to develop bad habits. One of the reason is that people try to do it too fast. Like I have been advising here, the basics is not something you should do quickly.

The basics should be learned slowly and correctly.


Some points you must pay attention:

  • Do not try to do it fast. “Slowly and correctly”
  • Do not hop or jump up. Always think about the basic footwork
  • Gradually make it smooth. NOT fast, but smooth.
  • This will help you with footwork for your small strikes and continuous strikes. Study this very well.
  • Do not forget to strike big.
  • Fast does not mean small. Keep it big and smooth.

Now watch the video to learn it in detail! Come and join the study group!

Kendo Basics Series: Tandoku Dosa: Haya Suburi

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Kendo Basics Series: Tandoku Dosa: Single Cuts: Kote & Do

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