Kendo Basics Series: Joge Buri

Tandoku Dosa Joge-buriThis kendo instructional video introduces joge-buri. Joge buri is one of the basics that beginners must know.

Jo means up and ge means down. Buri is swing so it is “up and down swinging movement“.


Some points you must pay attention:

  • Do not think that you are swinging your sword
  • Think that move your hands straight up and straight down
  • Do not pull your sword up with the right hand
  • Lift your sword up with the left hand
  • Your left hand should be above your head
  • Do not let the tip of the sword or kensaki down when it is above your head


Tandoku Dosa: Joge Buri

Zeshin Kotai Joge Buri



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