Kendo Coaching Membership Agreement (As of September, 2013)


You must agree with the followings to become a member and receive the privileges.

1. You understand that you have access to all the Kendo Watercooler videos.

2. Cancellation: Please cancel your subscription through PayPal.

3. Premium, Pro and Lite: You can receive 30% discount anytime on all the DVD packages available on the Kendo-Learning-Products.Com website at the time of your visit to the site. You cannot get the discount on a single DVD/Download product or products that used to be available on the Kendo-Learning-Products.Com website.

4. Lectures are giving in Premium, Pro and Lite Coaching Programs. They may be related to questions from the members or those I randomly choose. Only premium members can make a request on lectures.

5. Premium Training Program Members are more than welcome to send me your kendo video once a month for me to review. I will review and give you feedback in a form of a video. After you’ve improved by watching my feedback video, you can send me another video for me to check if you are doing correctly. The video should not exceed 10 minutes.

6.  All the members, despite of the level, are important to me. So your questions will be taken care of before non-members. You are more than welcome to ask me any questions. Unless you are a Premium member you do not receive a hotline email address with me. And I receive a lot of emails from non-members too. If you are not a premium member (i.e. do not have a hotline with me),  make sure you leave a comment in your own member’s area. So I know will be able to know your questions.

7. Financial Support: Premium and Pro Members are eligible to receive financial support for their equipment purchase. This financial is available after your third payment is completed.

It is your choice to get this financial support or not. Kendo For Life, LLC will not force nor discourage you to use this support.

Kendo For Life, LLC will purchase a voucher or coupon from a kendo shop listed below or your favorite kendo shop for you to spend.

The kendo equipment shops Kendo For Life, LLC recommends are

  • Maruyama Kendo Supply
  • Nine Circles USA (no coupon. Must submit a receipt to Kendo For Life, LLC)
  • Shougun Kendogu (no coupon. Must submit a receipt to Kendo For Life, LLC)
  • Ebogu

If you want to purchase equipment from your favorite kendo shop, please make sure that they sell a voucher or coupon. If your selected kendo shop does not have a coupon, please send a receipt.

Timing of Receiving a Financial Support

After your third payment is completed, you are eligible to get a financial support. If you are planning to purchase kendo equipment, let me know beforehand. I will purchase a coupon/voucher for you.

If purchasing from a shop that will not provide coupon or voucher, scan your receipt and send it to me by email.

Minimum and Maximum Amount of Financial Support at One Purchase:

Minimum Amount of Financial Support: US$30.00 per purchase.

Maximum Amount of Financial Support: US$200 per purchase (premium), US$120 per purchase (pro)

Maximum Financial Support Per Year

Premium: $200

Pro: $120