Help to Keep the Legacy Alive!

Keiko (Training) means
“Think About the Old Days”

Without that, We Cannot Keep The Tradition

miyazaki-senseiMy sensei, Masayoshi Miyazaki, is now 74 years old now. As you can see in the video below, his kendo is strong. He has a variety of techniques that you cannot really see very often nowadays, well not around where I live anyway.

Of course, he learned from pre-war senseis and to name a few these are the senseis he learned from (that I know of) …

  • Kinnosuke Ogawa, 10-dan
  • Hidenosuke Koshikawa, Hanshi
  • Toshio Matsumoto sensei, 9-dan
  • Juichi Tsurumaru sensei, 9-dan
  • Keisuke Murayama, 8-dan

He has great kendo, knowledge and kokoro (or heart). However, he is not getting any younger and his health is not in his best any more.

This year, I decided to invite him to US to share his knowledge and techniques of kendo with my students before it is too late.

This time, we would like to spend a lot of time with him so we can learn

  • kendo techniques
  • kendo kata
  • his memories of great sensei like 10-dan and 9-dan sensei
  • great stories about them
  • what he learned from them 

I would like to learn from him things that we cannot learn at “normal” training. 

So I need your help. Please purchase this fundraising T-shirt or donate to this great kendo lesson.

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Thank you for your cooperation!


PS…It has cost me to get him more than $4,000. His ticket is $2296.70. Since he does not speak any English at all, I am going to escort him from Japan to Indiana and from Indiana to Chicago where he will get a flight back to Japan. And my ticket in total is $1,902.87. That is only airfare.

At the moment, Indianapolis Kendo Club has raised $1,265.18 as of October 6, 2015. And with many many people who showed their support by donating money or buying t-shirt, the airfare will be covered soon ($149.89 to go!). But that is only airfare. We still need to raise fund to feed him and transfer him. That is why I am doing this fundraising.

And the meaning of the calligraphy is here!