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28 Responses to “KFL Club Study Group Sign Up”

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  • Bora

    Hi Master Imafuji,

    I’ve been watching your videos from YouTube and became fan of your teachings 🙂

    I started kendo three months ago and whenever I practice hayasuburi my left forearm is hurting. I know I’m definitely doing something wrong here. Can you kindly share your thoughts on this.

    Thank you!

    • Thanks for your question. How did you write a comment here? There is no comment area. There should not be 🙂
      Anyway, I think your left arm is stretched out too much and too hard.
      If you can videotape your kendo and send it to me, I can analyze it.

  • George Hunt

    Thank you!

  • Elisabeth Dowell

    Thank you for creating this site, I am very much interested in joining the Kendo For Life Study Group . I have a dojo in mind but would like to be as prepared as possible before I become a student. I think your knowledge will help me do just that. 🙂

    • Thank you, Elizabeth! I emailed you through Patreon.Com. Did you receive it?
      Thank you again for your message and generous support!
      Please feel free to contact me anytime!

  • Nemoto

    Hi, Imafuji
    First of all, much obliged to you for what you have done for Kendo.
    Here is a question for you. Would you please describe how to show the Ki-Seme in keiko? Thank you for your sharing.

    • Nemoto san, Thank you for your question.
      It is a rather difficult term to explain but I would describe like below.

      Ki-seme is a type of seme we probably cannot do until our kendo is really matured like 7-dan.
      But if I must explain, it is “pressure”.

      You can feel pressure from sensei without him/her doing anything. They look like a wall or a rock.
      You know they are coming to get you buy you cannot do anything.
      You feel like you should do something; otherwise you are going to get struck.
      That is probably the highest ki-zeme.

      But most of us cannot put pressure like that so we use our shinai.
      We move our body back and forth or sideways.
      By doing so we create shikai in our opponent mind.
      By combining with physical movements of shinai and body, we can create pressure.

      I would explain like that.

      How would you explain, Nemoto san?

      • Nemoto

        Dear Imafuji san,
        I am convinced your interpretation is a great help to many people who love kendo, of course, including me. I can’t agree more with what you have described about the Ki-zeme. Perhaps, I am able to make a complement as follows: Ki-zeme refers to the strong spirit and energy overflowing from the kenshi full of confidence. As you mention above, with the confidence, he stands firm and tall like a rock. The opponent starts to fear and doubt when coming close to him. This is how I personally feel about it. Anyway, I have to thank you again for your kindness and patience. I hope some day I have the chance to have a keiko with you.
        With best wishes

        • Nemoto san,

          I am glad that my explanation was not so bad 🙂
          Your explanation is more clear and crisp and easier to understand.

          When I went against my 9-dan sensei when I was a junior high school student, he was like wave.

          When I went against my 8-dan sensei when I was a high school student, I felt chill and felt like I was going to die.

          When I went against my 7-dan sensei when I was younger than now, he put his kiai into our keiko for the first time because, according to him, my kiai was strong enough so he responded to it. I was happy to hear that but when I heard his kiai, I felt scared. Simply I wanted to run away from there.

          The seme I felt from them gave me different impression but I think that was kizeme.

          • Nemoto

            Imafuji san,

            Your examples are tangible and concrete, which help me move forward to the true meaning of ki-zeme. I appreciate your friendship and hold you in respect. Many thanks!

          • Thank you!

  • Tyler

    Hell Imafuji sensei, I was wondering when am I suppose to get kendogi? Is it something I have to wait for?

    • Are you the Tyler I know from Mudokwan? You can ask me at the dojo. Don’t hesitate.
      Now you can get a set of keikogi and hakama. I don’t really force people to buy for the first month.
      But if you are committed, you should get yours.
      If you are Tyler I know from the dojo, let’s talk at the dojo 🙂

      • Tyler rice

        It is me sensei. I’m sorry, It was a question that came to me after I left dojo. Is it ok to message you through Facebook as well?

        • Yes, Tyler. Facebook is better.
          No problem with asking me questions.

  • Jackson T. Hill

    The fact you made this available is amazing. I believe I can start a keno club at school anduse this as my top resource. Thank you so much Sensei.

    • You’re very welcome! Hope my info will help you.
      Where are you located? Don’t forget to belong to a kendo federation.

  • António Vilela

    Thanks for your work

  • Thank you

  • Hello i would love to be a part of your group what do i need to do. Thank you so much

    • Please sign up at the signup page. The form seems to disappear with iphone so please do so with your computer.
      Thank you!

  • Ahmad

    Hi I can’t.find where to sign up
    could you please help

    • Sorry about that. If you are using a smartphone the signup form tends to disappear. So please go to the sign up page with your computer.
      Thank you!

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