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Kendo For Life Study Group

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If you are serious about learning kendo, become a member of  Kendo For Life Study Group.

This is a Free Space for Kendo Enthusiasts
to Learn Kendo and Get Info on and Study Kendo

What do you get here?

  • Kendo Instructional Videos
  • Kendo Techniques
  • Kendo Kata (Forms)
  • Bokuto Kihon Ho
  • Variety of Training Methods
  • Kendo Teachings 
  • and more

Are You Serious About Kendo? Join The Club!

Ask questions! I made this so I can IMMEDIATELY get to your questions and comments. Consider this as your online dojo, not another Social Media.

This is a place for you to STUDY kendo!

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8 Responses to “KFL Club Study Group Sign Up”

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  • […] I learned the shinai swinging mechanism at the 8th Nito Seminar. The mechanism is very helpful for all the kendo practitioners but I do not want to make it to the public because I am still learning. If you want to learn come and join the Study Group. […]

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  • Bora

    Hi Master Imafuji,

    I’ve been watching your videos from YouTube and became fan of your teachings 🙂

    I started kendo three months ago and whenever I practice hayasuburi my left forearm is hurting. I know I’m definitely doing something wrong here. Can you kindly share your thoughts on this.

    Thank you!

    • Thanks for your question. How did you write a comment here? There is no comment area. There should not be 🙂
      Anyway, I think your left arm is stretched out too much and too hard.
      If you can videotape your kendo and send it to me, I can analyze it.

  • George Hunt

    Thank you!

  • Elisabeth Dowell

    Thank you for creating this site, I am very much interested in joining the Kendo For Life Study Group . I have a dojo in mind but would like to be as prepared as possible before I become a student. I think your knowledge will help me do just that. 🙂

    • Thank you, Elizabeth! I emailed you through Patreon.Com. Did you receive it?
      Thank you again for your message and generous support!
      Please feel free to contact me anytime!

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