Tips When Reviewing and Practicing Kendo At Home

I know many of you are feeling a short of training. You practice at the dojo so you can learn and study your kendo. And of course, you have your kendo mates to check you. Not only that, seeing your kendo mates improving gives you motivation to improve your ken...

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Maintain Your Body For Kendo

Learn how to maintain your body for your best performance in kendo! ...

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Meaningful Losses

In kendo, we have a saying; There are mysterious victories but there are no mysterious losses. There are reasons why we lose in shiai. And we really have to learn from them.  I would like to share what I have learned from my losses in my recent shiai experien...

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Fix Your Posture and Shoulder Problem

This is a review video of an item that might help you to have a good posture and to fix your shoulder problems. But please make sure to consul with your doctor first. IntelliSkin Home Page ...

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