Your Sword is Your Mind

Your sword is your mind. If your mind is not right, you cannot use your sword right. Thus, those who want to learn the way of the sword, learn how to keep the mind right. By Toranosuke SHIMADA It is hard to define what “right” is because it is quit...

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Shiai Should Be Like Keiko. Keiko Should Be Like Shiai

Do you agree with having a match or shiai in kendō? Some people do not like shiai because it helps kendō become TOO competitive. Others think that shiai is an important aspect of own training process. What do you think? I personally used to NOT like shiai th...

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Having a problem with seiza? Here are things that you can do

Many people have a problem with seiza.  Most of the time they have stiff ankles. If ankles are stiff it is a torture to sit in seiza not even a second! This might help. Might not. I do not know. But there are some things that might help you to sit on seiza. I...

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A Shiai Video of Kinji Baba sensei

I was looking for a video of Kinji Baba sensei. Baba sensei have written a lot of books and he is writing articles for Kendo Nippon magazine for a long time. He looks at kendo as culture. And I have learned a lot from his writings. Also he introduces “o...

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A Quiet Warrior

That is the best word I can describe him. He was quiet. Well, he did not say anything unnecessary. He knows what to say at the right moment. Enzo Marsicovetere was a Guatemalan kenshi. I met him in the year 2000. I was sent by Japan International Cooperation A...

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